World's Largest Typical
Whitetail ever taken
with a crossbow.

North American Whitetail Television aired this Big Buck Profile Featuring the Jerman Buck on August 2, 4 and 6, 2005. - Optimized for internet viewing

North American Whitetail Television

It was quite a privilege to meet Pat Reeve and Stan Potts. They are both super people. It was also quite cool to have the big red truck in the driveway. First, we traveled to the stand, where the opening was filmed. We then went back to the house where we shot the inside video of me next to the buck. There was snow on the ground when the guys were in Ohio, so when it thawed I had Matt Wilson (a friend and video ministry associate) film the reenactment footage. I sent that in along with the video I had taken of the buck walking. I appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in the production and I am very honored to have the deer featured on one of my all-time favorite hunting shows.

I recently had the opportunity to meet Gordon Whittington at an event where I was showing the deer. He is also an exceptional and very easy to talk to person.

Thanks guys!

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